lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

One of my favorite movies is Butterfly’s Tongue. It’s a Spanish movie directed by Jose Luis Cuerda in 1999. It’s based in a novel with a same name.   
The film tells about story’s boy and her relations ship with his teacher, in the context of Spanish Civil War.  The boy (Manuel Lozano) felt fear of the school, specifically of the teachers, because he thought that the teacher beat to the children. The teacher (Fernando Fernan Gomez) attains with his patience and affection win the respect and confidence of the boy. The educator teach to the student many thing, important thing.
I saw this movie the last year with my mother, because the mother of one friend recommends me this film (she is a teacher) and now, I recommend to you. The film I like because tell about the relationship between teacher and student, and I think this are very important for any people. It’s a touching film. The end is very sad! But I don’t tell you.
I hope you see the movie. You can buy in the entry of faculty or download of internet.
I see you soon

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