martes, 30 de octubre de 2012

I dont think there is “greatest Chilean of all time". Despite this, today Im going to write about a Chilean woman very important for me. She is Maria Luisa Bombal.
María Luisa Bombal is a Chilean writer who lived between 1910 and 1980. She was notable for writing stories and short novels, where incorporated themes of eroticism, surrealism and feminism. Also, she ranks among a small number of Latin American female authors whose works received worldwide acclaim.
I love how this writer captures the feminine sensibility in his work, addressing issues that were taboo at the time. She was a visionary woman. In addition, her life fascinates me. She was eccentric and passionate, who lived and suffered for love like the characters in her books.
Some of her works are the novels La Última Niebla, La Amortajada and the Stories The Tree. If you want to read a work of this author that in English, you can choose House of Mist. This novel has been translated into Spanish. Here is the prologue of the book to become motivated to read

"I wish to inform the reader that even though this is a mystery, it is a mystery without a murder.  He will not find here any corpse, any detective; he will not even find a murder trial, for the simple reason that there will be no murderer.
 There will be no murderer and no murder, yet there will be... crime.  And there will be fear. Those for whom fear has an attraction; those who are interested in the mysterious life people live in their dreams during sleep; those who believe that the dead are not really dead; those who are afraid of the fog and of their own hearts... they will perhaps enjoy going back to the early days of this century and entering into the strange house of mist that a young woman, very much like all other women built for herself at the southern end of South America" (p. 3).

Finally, if this writer were alive and if I could give her an interview, I ask two things:
1.-What inspired you to write your books?
2.-How would you define the modern woman?

Ps: this year the movie was released Bombal, starring Mary Levin. I recommend it!

I had a hard time doing the activities, especially the former. I have difficulty understanding English, so my reading comprehension is poor. I think the benefits of doing these activities are that I can exercise my reading and listening. However, I have to practice a lot, especially my vocabulary and improve my pronunciation. I think that's what I have worse. I think these websites are very useful especially for people who want to learn the language itself. It is a good tool for learning this foreign language, since there are many exercises and different levels of difficulty. Now all I have to motivate myself to study and practice English. I hope one day to learn this language.

lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

My first day in university.
The exactly date I don’t remember, but I’t was a day of March, in 2010. I remember that this year was the earthquake (27F), then, I started class after of the official date, nearly two weeks later.
My first day in the university was very normal, I knew many classmates, because we meet before. I didn’t nervous or exited, really it’ was a normal day.
 I remember that my first class was Social History in an auditorium of “Bachillerato”. My teachers were Pablo Altarzar and Daniel Fauré. I thought that they were different to my school’s teacher.  I thought they were more “smart” than my school’s teacher and that then test will be difficult. Now, I think that there are very similar.
Next this class, I remember that I meet up with my classmate and we talked much time. The class was in the morning and I went back so later to my home.
In my first weeks, I liked know now people. I knew one of my best friends, my classmate Sol. Also, I remember that this weeks was very fun. I didn’t study so much and I did much thing fun.
Well, this is all I remember about this day.  
I see you soon!