lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

My first day in university.
The exactly date I don’t remember, but I’t was a day of March, in 2010. I remember that this year was the earthquake (27F), then, I started class after of the official date, nearly two weeks later.
My first day in the university was very normal, I knew many classmates, because we meet before. I didn’t nervous or exited, really it’ was a normal day.
 I remember that my first class was Social History in an auditorium of “Bachillerato”. My teachers were Pablo Altarzar and Daniel Fauré. I thought that they were different to my school’s teacher.  I thought they were more “smart” than my school’s teacher and that then test will be difficult. Now, I think that there are very similar.
Next this class, I remember that I meet up with my classmate and we talked much time. The class was in the morning and I went back so later to my home.
In my first weeks, I liked know now people. I knew one of my best friends, my classmate Sol. Also, I remember that this weeks was very fun. I didn’t study so much and I did much thing fun.
Well, this is all I remember about this day.  
I see you soon!

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  1. My first class was Social History too, I remember Artaza asked us about where we came and how was our education.In that moment I don't understand why he asked that but after the semester it gets sense xD

  2. I met you at the beginning by Sol. in 1° we always sit together hahaha. I remember the day when you wrote froid. was fun