lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

Hello everybody! Today I’m going to write about the Fiestas Patrias.
For the commence, I don’t like the Fiestas Patrias, in my opinion we don’t have nothing for celebrate. I agree the nationalism; I don’t like the flag into the house and the military celebration. Also dislike the drunken people and the expensive of money.  In this way, I prefer spend the time with my family and my friend.
One activity that I really liked it was one realized in the Parque La Bandera in the San Ramón. My friend of Escuelitas Libres del Bosque and I organized a different celebrations of Fiestas Patrias. The day of the activity was the Saturday 15th.The objective was celebrated the united for the Latin-Americans people. For this reason we called a many social organizations. This day there were Mapuches organizations, student with your campaign Yo No Presto El Voto, batucadas, etc.). Also there were many bands and singer.  This day went many people: children, adults, babies and many young people. The activity long all day. It was very funny.
The other days, I stay in my house with my family and I went to friend’s house. Also, I went to hill Pucara, in the San Bernardo. It is a beautiful place, in there is Incas ruins. The only problem is that this place is very away.
Well, the other days I sleep so much, eat and see many movies.
I see you son!
Happy week!

lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

Hello everybody! Today I’m going to write about persons very important to me: my best friends.  I have three best friend, they are: Nicole, Bárbara and Carlos. I met with them in the school.   When I was in the first grade (in 1998) I met Nicole, we want together in the bus by the school. On the other hand, I met Barbara and Carlos in the high school (in 2006). Carlos and Barbara are boyfriends; they are the most beautiful couple, they a make a lovely couple! (I hope that they married soon, because I will can to go a big party jaja)
In the high school, we sat all together and we did homework together too. Also, we got together and we went out in our free time.  Now, also we got together, but once a month (approximately). We get together, we like watch movies and eat so much!!  In the summer, always we go to the beach or the pool.
Finally, they are the best friends forever.  They are very funny and loving. Always, they listen and help me. When I’m sad, they always console me, they are so cute!
I hope following been their friend. I really love then!
I see you son =) 

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

This year has been different to other years. I have been busier. In January started to Escuelitas Libres El Bosque. This is a free school and here we work with children of diverse age. In the summer we went to different place of Santiago like the Quinta Normal or the municipal pool of El Bosque. Now, I go on Saturday in the morning and we work in various topics with the children.
Apart from that, I started a sign language course. There I go on Tuesday in the evening.  Really I like to go to place, the people are very friendly and I had learned many words. I’m happy, because this knowledge will serve me to communicate with deaf people and I want to work with disabled person, in the future.  In addition, I started to work in the evening. I do private class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
In the university the courses were a bore. The firs term I didn’t learn too much.
Well, I do many things. This year has been a little tiring, but the things that I do are very rewarding for me.