lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Hello everybody! To day I’m going to write about my opinion of the political system and my position regarding elections.

I don’t vote in this last election. In fact, I participated in the contra-camping “Yo No Presto el Voto”, promoted for diverse social organizations. The objective of this contra-camping were make a critic of the system political; proposing the other form of organization.

 I think that in Chile don’t exist a real democracy. If we think in the Greece principle about democracy, we notice that our system political don’t promote the participation citizen and it don´t represent of the interest of the majority. One person isn’t citizen for vote every four years. In fact, one person is citizen when he/she organize politically and make assert her opinion.

In this sense, I think that this system political isn’t representing to the people. For this, the people did’nt goes to vote, raise the level of abstention to 60%. Is time of construct a new form the organization in where the people participle in his community.   

In conclusion I think that vote isn’t the best form of political organization and I believe that our system democratic changes some day in the future.

I see you!

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  1. i want hear what sociologists say about this phenomenon and see what happens in the presidential