lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012

Dear Classmates:
Today I write the last post. I hope that you enjoyed my posts, because I think that I never write other.  
Well, now I’ m going to write about the English course. In my opinion, learn English I necessary in psychology, because it makes possible update the knowledge, reading scientific magazine that in great majority were in English.
In my experience (I tacked all English curse), I had meet with good teachers. They had been awkward with subject and had tried teach of the best form. They had applied new and different methodologies, hoping that her/his student lean.
In relation with English IV, I think that it had been a good subject, even though that my multiples English’ problems. The activities had been enjoyable, although that, many activities are very difficult for me.
In my view, the blog was a good methodologies for lean and practice English. Furthermore, the topics are very interesting.
I think that the next semester, it could work with English text about psychology. In many course the student should translate text for make investigations, and English course could be a place for reinforce this type of activities.
Also I think that the course will should had less student, because we could learn more.
I hope someday learn English. In the future I want take an English course, maybe particular class, but this when work, because now I don’t have the money for pay.
I don’t know that more write, I hope that yours were very well and had a good week. Good luck with yours exam!

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